Why therein?

If change is the only constant in business, the added ingredient of technology makes this a truism with a shorter half-life. The rapidity with which digital has built global corporations, whilst simultaneously forcing the reinvention of entire industries, is universally acknowledged. Yet, the institutional response often reflects organisational design thinking of a pre-digital age, resulting in the inadvertent creation of digital as a silo, as opposed to an enabler for the entire workforce.

Therein is a boutique practice specialising in the impacts of digital and technological transformation. We look at how external factors - such as market engagement, the necessity to innovate and the end-to-end customer experience - necessitate changes to internal factors of structure, function and operations. Specifically, our service offering includes:-



Organisational Alignment

The increasingly complex nature of digital, combined with the speed at which it evolves, demands a line of sight between your organisational strategy and your digital operations. Our tailored audit - through in-depth interviews with key stakeholders, and gathering both customer and industry insight - will determine how strategically focused your digital activities are, resulting in an enterprise-level situation analysis for digital within both your organisation and your industry.

& Planning

We work with key internal stakeholders to embed and align digital business transformation within organisational goals, gathering insight and analysis of how digital is impacting your sector’s customer needs, and what your organisation can do to exploit these opportunities. In doing this, we aid business units with the development of strategic plans which identify, prioritise and resource opportunities for digital transformation.

Organisation Development

By fostering a digital mindset in departments beyond those with a digital remit, our aim is to build a culture of organisation-wide preparedness against the backdrop of external change beyond your sphere of influence. Our service offering assists the evolution of digital departments, from that of gatekeepers to enablers, through role definition, responsibility mapping, departmental objective setting, and the creation of tools for monitoring and evaluation.


Learning &  Development

To create a sustainable future for your newly aligned digital activities, employees will need to augment their specialisms with appropriate digital skills. We can develop and support your organisation's institutional memory for digital best-practice, ensuring such skills are baked into the personal and professional development goals of those with new or evolved digital responsibilities, whilst creating a sense of ownership for digital at all levels of seniority.

Digital Governance Modelling

The democratisation of digital responsibilities throughout your organisation requires interdepartmental governance structures that are robust, though not inflexible. We can help to create the instruments required, supported by internal bodies and policy frameworks, to enable consistent, organisation-wide accountability for the action or manner of managing digital assets.


By mapping individual actions to the organisational vision, we can work with you to ensure there is an understanding of what success looks like for your organisation at every level and across functions. We will help you to define digital-related KPIs linked to cross-functional business processes, whilst steering clear of raw metrics that, in themselves, are not actionable.